Some of the Benefits of UsingInclusion Are:

• Students areno longer labeled because they leave the classroom to attend a special class.

• Student scanparticipate in all instructional activities with proper accommodations.

• Students don’tlose valuable academic learning time transitioning between regular educationand special education classrooms.

• Students arenot pulled in so many different directions. Related services are providedwithin the classroom setting as much as possible.

• Students becomemore accepting of their classmates regardless of their limitations.

• Communicationincreases between regular education and special education.


RTI Includes:

1. High quality, research-basedinstructional and behavior supports in general education

2. School-wide screening todetermine which students need closer monitoring or additional interventions

3. Multiple tiers ofincreasingly intense, research-based interventions matched to the needs ofstudent(s)

4. Use of collaborative problemsolving to develop, implement, and monitor interventions

5. Continuous monitoring ofstudent progress to determine if instruction/interventions are effective inmeeting the needs of student(s)

6. Follow-up to ensure that theinstruction/interventions were implemented as planned

7. Active parent involvementthroughout the process of pursuing solutions that lead to increased success

8. Evaluation timelinerequirements are followed unless both the parents and the school team agree toa time extension to learn more about what works for the student