Runners Club

Runners Club Information 2013/2014- Beginning August 26, 2013

What is runner's club?
   Runner's club is an organization headed by Lisa Deramo along
with a few parents.  This club is easy to become involved in, and is for k-8th graders.
Signing up is not needed.  This club meets every Tuesday and Thursday morning
 before school. Runners begin running at 7:45am.  They are
signalled to stop running promptly at 8:10AM and then directed to class.  The
meeting place is on the grassy area in the center of the car loop.  If your child
decides he/she wants to be active before school you can drop them off at that
 location.  Last year went very well and at the end of the year we had a pizza party.

Lastly, a few dedicated parent volunteers are greatly needed.