Statement of Coaching Beliefs

The coaching staff at Lakewood Ranch would like to welcome you to our program. 
We look forward to coaching and teaching you skills and sportsmanship.  The
interscholastic sports program is one of a number of experiences and programs
available at Lakewood Ranch to assist students in developing important skills.  These
skills range from teamwork, work ethic, sportsmanship, to fair play.  Winning and
losing is secondary to the manner in which athletes conduct themselves on and off
the court, field, or track.  We understand that all athletes do not perform at the same
 level, but maximum effort, commitment, and a hard work attitude are required for
any and all team members. 

Student-athlete as Leaders

Participation in an interscholastic program is a PRIVILEGE, not a right.  As leaders and
as highly visible representatives of Lakewood Ranch, all student-athletes have the
obligation to represent themselves in an exemplary manner.  Dishonesty,
unsportsmanlike behavior, or behavior unbecoming a student-athlete will not be
tolerated.  This also means that a student-athlete who is enrolled in a Physical
Education class must participate to the best of their ability in that class. 
student-athletes are subject to all Manatee Municipal School Board policies and the
policies of the Florida Athletic Association.  Willful violation of these policies will
result in disciplinary action by the coach and, if necessary, by the administration of
the school.  To be eligible for interscholastic competition, a student-athlete must
have passed a minimum of four classes, no failed more than one, and have a grade
point average of 2.0 or better for the most immediate grading period.  The student-
athlete needs to complete all homework and schoolwork missed during game days. 

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Sports at ISLWR are offer for students 5th Grade - 8th Grade.

Dance Team
Runner Club

Fall Sports: (August-October)
Cross Country
Varsity and JV Volleyball

Early WInter Sports: (October-January)
Boys Basketball
Girls Basketball

Winter Sports: (December-April)
Boys Soccer
Girls Soccer

Spring Sports: (April-May)