Imagine School at Lakewood Ranch is an Accredited School

In May of 2010, Imagine School at Lakewood Ranch was accredited by the Southern
Association of Colleges and Schools (SACS).

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Imagine School at Lakewood Ranch Parent Page

Imagine School at Lakewood Ranch is an innovative learning community where every child is inspired to succeed.

Imagine School at Lakewood Ranch, teachers, parents, students, community members and school leaders are committed to providing a unique educational experience for children that is innovative, exciting, and, most importantly, fun.  The enthusiastic, energetic, and dedicated personnel of Imagine Lakewood Ranch will create an environment of academic excellence while fostering both leadership and character within our students.  Imagine Lakewood Ranch shall be a learning community filled with achievement and hope where every child will be given an opportunity to succeed. 

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Code of Conduct: Imagine School at Lakewood Ranch will adhere to the Code of Conduct of the Manatee County Schools. Click here for more...

Educational Program
:Imagine Schools Standards-Based Curriculum offers basic and integrated instruction in reading, writing, math, science, social studies, character education, and physical education. At Imagine Schools at Lakewood Ranch we use the SHARK Model in our classrooms. Click here for more...

Standards-Based Curriculum: At Imagine Schools we use Standards-Based Curriculum to guide teachers and students toward the high level of learning expected in today’s world. It is used in the planning of every lesson and assessment; it also sets the parameters for teaching and learning for the teachers to be truly effective in catalyzing meaningful learning. Click here for more...

Who is Imagine Schools:At Imagine Schools, we believe that there are four main ingredients of robust,successful learning. Imagine Schools works hard to provide these ingredients inthe recipe for student achievement.
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Measures of Excellence: Teachers and parents understand that test scores alone do not measure how well a school is performing.  At Imagine Schools, we believe that operating a successful school requires constant attention in six important areas that we call Measures of Excellence.  Click here for more...


Frequently Asked Questions:

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